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The Problem

Everybody, and by "everybody" we mean everybody, has their own agenda. To have your fun, art or even livelihood (thanks corona!) dependent on them is like playing Russian roulette. It is all fine until it is not. Do not become a victim of another millionaire just wanting to profit from you without giving a single F about you.
In 2017, German interpreneur, photographer, model and IT developer Yulia, started to work on ultimate art gallery and online marketplace. DesireHive is materialization of that dream dedicated to her passions: photography, art, nudism and erotica.

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Might sounds like a joke, but yes: even very common words are censored on OnlyFans. Oh and they plan to ban adult content in October to aplease credit card companies and advertisers.
Private messagess are called "private" messages, right? Well, not quite.
It is very common in adult industry to get your account locked for several days after some of your, even very innocent action, triggers "smart A.I." watching for harmful content. No big deal if you are hobbyist. If your lifehood depends on it, it hurts. Our solution? Trusting verified customers and human interaction on reports only.
Yes we need to protect your paying subscribers from harmful content like word "upskirt" or "sex" on website which is AFTER 18+ consent, and supposedly allowing novel writers and adult art creators 🙄.
Patreon, you should rather direct your efforts to make your site support more than 5 images in a row without bogging down.
That all Zuckerberg sites are painfully censored is nothing new. What many people do not realize how fast it can happen and what little chance you have to get in touch with the "support team". Yes, there is no way to contact Facebook & Co. GDPR or not, rules apply only to the poor.
Do not depend your business on Facebook sites if your lifehood might be hurt after being banned forever. Without warning or without actually doing anything bad.
Fun of the ban is that they keep your data and you can't even request deletion when your account is banned. Many people upload their data to Facebook without proper backup too.
Most of the bans are triggered by pseudo - A.I. or flood of disgruntled haters who report it because they do not agree with your opinion.
Also read this: Get your life removed
Vimeo is another paid for service which forces you to pay one year in advance for nude and art video hosting, then block you without refund based on personal opinion what is "art".
If you wonder why would anybody use Vimeo, then think about that Patreon for example support only paid-for Vimeo for video hosting.
While Google sites are generally fairly liberal and their bans are mostly post-based not account based, still many people who based their lifehood on YouTube lost everything within hours after being demonetized or straight banned for fairly innocent content (for example nudist resort posts).
You might think with all that screaming that WhatsApp is secure, it is not. When you do not control and generate private and public keys, anyting can happen.
Encryption is only as secure as storage of your keys.
PornHub has Porn in the name, spams you with disgusting advertisement, yet verified models get removed videos based on automated (and bad) algorithms. Sometimes even because they used second most popular hashtag.
Do not depend your lifehood on shady sites. But i am sure that if you want your step brother to help you get unstuck from washing machine, you might find enough good guides there.
While Reddit is probably most liberal site on the internet, mainly because not depending on advertisement money all that much, still has lot of (even high-profile) cases of bans and daily problems with moderators and their god complex.
Freedom of speech has been replaced with content suitable to whoever runs the site opinion.
Cancer of reddit are automated bots watching for content and many subredits who do allow posting of material without author's consent, but not posts from creator's self.(!) In other words, someone can illegally post your content, but when you do so (or complain) you get blocked. Those are not even some "weird" subredit, but for example many "major" ones, like /r/nsfw.
Moderated forums seem like a good idea, but always keep in mind that you are not free, if someone else decides what you can or should post. Be it mods, bots or even users it self.
Also the fact that many subredits require verifications, done by anonymous amateurs without appropriate means to handle sensitive private data should be a red flag for most of you. Yes you might be sending those verification posts to some Jon Doe who works during the day in a WallMart and shares his PC with his parents.
While twitter is a liberal site, probably most liberal from the major social media, still too many cases of permanent bans without court rulling or even cease and desist provision before court happens.
Who runs our justice system now?
I take that "liberal" back. Do not be edgy on Retardwitter either, warning people that their action might cause them health risks. But you can fill the form to complain and hope that retard-A.I.-resolution center will help you get your unique Twitter experience back within few days. If you are lucky.
Shadowban is a popular method how to deal with "unruly" members. Basically you get removed from suggestions or even displaying of your content without even knowing.
Facebook sites and TikTok uses shadowban often. You didn't do anything wrong, or illegal, just not doing what we expect from you. Participate in monthly hashtag challenges and post what other people post, so we grow our ad revenue, mkay?
Deviant Art
Having a "deviant" in the name might suggest that this site is fairly liberal. Well it depends. If you want to report stolen images, you might not get response. But if you post something what is viewed as "wrong", you will get your content and posts deleted forever.
Oh and you cannot payout your credits. But who needs money.
We still kind of like deviantart. Just the recent development is making us sad as it follows the same path as most other media.
Discord was also trying to convince us how different and free and open they are. Well it all kind of seems following the same paths. CEOs needs to raise revenue fast and exit early prefferably for few billions. It would be sad if free speech stand in the way of the "higher" goals.
Another issue with the sites built in JavaScript and other rapid development hell is that they do not scale. You can expect rapid decline in speed as new features are implemented as well as many other issues.
For example weird file size limitations. Hello? Last time we checked it was 2024!
Even facebook, fairly well developped from the start, had issues to scale this big, now imagine throwing JavaScript and framework you didn't do internally at it all.
Imgur is also one of the popular sites, tat is senslessly censored to favor advertisers. Fact that even very innocent content is removed is sadly still not the biggest problem there.
The bigger problem is probably the shadowbanning of the users, where they still appear active and their content is not all deleted, yet them-self cannot use the site.
You mean being 3 years member, renowned, notorious official staff choice, would make you safe from shadow permaban after adding a website to your profile?
Model Mayhem is controversial website which was created somehow around 2000s (you can tell from the design). Had lot of bad press, but still quite used to just dump your portfolio and hope for some lost warrior to find you.
Well you would think that posting clothed recreation of Helmut Newton's photo would be ok on site which is used by erotic photographers and models... No, just another case of moderators with god complex and not enough time or money to care.
ModelCentro, FanCentro Etc
Many other sites have 100s of annoying little things which might be exactly reason why your customers bail. Like this ModelCentro's captcha after EACH SINGLE LOGIN.
DesireHive solves most of the issues by giving you options to use on your gallery and shop.
Everyone Else
Unless you have your own website, you are not free to post what you want. But even if you have, many webhosting providers limits strictly (or secretly) what you are allowed to use their services for. Read TOS everytime, before depending your lifehood on them. DesireHive™ is a free website with a marketplace / directory / social media / messenger to help you solve the problem and host your website as well.
Of Course a Bonus
If you are a production company, like the idea and working infrastructure of DesireHive but want to stay your own boss, there is a solution too. We understand your concerns so therefor offering cloud hosted and even physically hosted managed and unmanaged clones of DesireHive you can run under your own name. Basically remove the DesireHive from the backbone, replace it with your own branding and keep the funcitonality without need of developers or administrators. If it is all bluberish for you, ignore it, if you like the idea, simply contact us.

The Solution

DesireHive connects content creators directly with their customers and offers promotion and a search directory for those undecided but browsing on both sides.

Our promise is simple: there is no dependency on advertising money (social media), credit card processing fees (Visa, MasterCard, PayPal), politics (nudity, mainstream agenda, censorship) or any other influence (stock value, owners’ interests, advertising) standing between you, your fans and your followers.

2% commission on sales*
Single, simple unlimited creator’s plan
Free consumer membership
No spam, ads or "smart" abuse of collected information and content

Be The Grounding Bee

Although we are starting with over 400.000 members, we are still a small hive in the woods.
DesireHive is owned by YuliApp®.

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Now, at this point you might wonder, what TF is Yulia doing being banned from (wait for it) THE INTERNET?
While Facebook, Instagram & Co are fairly obvious, to be honest most of the other bans we received happened after investigating issues that our friends and customers had informed us about. We hadn't used other websites extensively enough to discover the problems, until we were told. But you are free to do your own research! Also, we are not discouraging you from using THE INTERNET, just take precautions, especially if you are in the adult art business. It can, and probably will, happen to you sooner or later. Do not put all your eggs in one basket and always let your customers know the location of your main internet presence. This way, if you get banned, your customers will not assume that you closed your business or need resort to Google to find you again.
Naturally, we did our research before heavily investing our work into DesireHive. We tried to identify underlying problems, fix them and learn how we can improve further. DesireHive is a result of that research and with further development we will even try to gradually improve the experience.
😏 DesireHive™ Fair, Direct Connection Between Creators and their Fans

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