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Pre-text: all comparison is based on our experience with mentioned sites and do not neccessarily exhaust or perfectly document the reality.
We also do not list our negatives as the major one is obvious: we just started and have comparable small userbase, so you have to bring your own customers with you, respectively your success is based mainly on your ability to find customers. We just believe we give you better tools for that than anyone else.


Our largest competitor is probably Facebook, compared to which we have following differences



Popular creator's website is at this moment by us considered an extension of DesireHive, but we still believe we excel in following areas:




Popular artist's website is also more or less direct competitor to DesireHive, but we have following improvements:


Compared to popular site we stay as follow


Compared to WhatsApp our messenger has


From all the sites mentioned above, the Reddit is probably the only one we take as a serious competition. Still we believe that we have lot to offer above Reddit's features.
šŸ˜ DesireHive™ Fair, Direct Connection Between Creators and their Fans

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