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Improved Video Playback link

06.07.2022 07:03:00 (Public) by YuliApp Gallery
We improved video playback for your customers / friends. It doesn't affect how you play your own videos (there is a bit stricter security), but how other's see those you shared with them.

Watermarking of images link

26.04.2022 12:34:00 (Public) by YuliApp Gallery
DesireHive now supports automatic watermarking of preview images. It is non-destructive, meaning it does not overwrite the original data.

Buy any artwork as NFT link

25.04.2022 12:50:00 (Public) by YuliApp Gallery
As per many requests, you can now buy any YulieArt artwork as NFT. Read more here or contact us if you have any questions.


Finally link

20.04.2022 20:49:00 (Public) by YuliApp Gallery
We are adding content search to the friend's gallery. Check it out!

Actual Situation link

28.02.2022 08:12:00 (Public) by YuliApp Gallery
Dear friends, investors and fans,
Copyrighteon value is not affected by the ongoing crisis in Europe as it is backed by art value, largely independent on the typical market. If it might interest more buyers from affected regions.
We will however see lower dividends in next months as January was a strong month and gallery sales will be likely lower.
Stay safe, Yulia

Thank you! link

19.02.2022 20:04:00 (Public) by YuliApp Gallery
Thank you all for your support!
I added now 1 Copyrighteon as a bonus for every new pearl member and ALL existing pearl members received them as well.
Happy After-Valentine!

January Report link

01.02.2022 12:30:00 (Public) by YuliApp Gallery
Here we are with the January report.
Overall I am satisfied with the results, as we expected profit to go down after such big spike caused by publications and Xmas times.
Gallery seen some new members and purchases, we had few nice new photo-shoots as well.
OnlyFans rose slightly as well as Patreon which we really didn't expected.

Generally it is nice to see people moving to the gallery as soon as they find us on other social media and platforms and stay longer on either of them after the first month.

As for investors in the coin it self, we added one new artwork, value raised slightly to 1.14, which was also rather unexpected as we planed to stay more flat after the dramatic ICO. Glad to see it goings well and starts it's first full year.


New Features link

05.01.2022 14:02:00 (Public) by YuliApp Gallery
We've added many new features you've been asking for. Namely quicker navigation in large albums, sorting of data AND albums and improved search.
Creators can now also search better for last visitors, view who visited each artwork, most popular artworks etc.

December Report link

03.01.2022 00:04:00 (Public) by YuliApp Gallery
We had some nice promotion in popular printed and not printed media, meaning gallery sales were over the roof, even better than the strong october and really welcome after relatively weak november.
We added one more artwork too, worth two coins in our opinion, and replaced lot of lower quality artworks with newer and better ones.

Also lot of new features, especially for creators, video server is now awesome, whole server was upgraded and is much faster and have more features for us and creators and users.

Support our KickStarter

April 5, 2021 by red
Support our KickStarter. Every Euro counts https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/yulia...
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New Features

March 27, 2021 by red
Public profile, photo sharing, public website is ready.
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New Feature

March 20, 2021 by red
Commenting under photos is now enabled
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New Feature

March 15, 2021 by red
Search for your own data is now enabled. It should work better than on EveHive and is much faster too.
Searching in your friend's gallery is available too.
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New Feature

March 14, 2021 by red
Added new feature to sort different sizes of uploaded images depending on your settings. Maximal size per photo is now 300MB (i know), it is reduced for previewing to 1100px, 2k (2000 pixel) download is offered to your GOLD members, and full size to PEARL or on individual sale.
It is important to note that DesireHive does not modify your uploaded archive photo as other websites, so you can use it as a backup too. The size of the gallery is for now unlimited. We had unlimited photo gallery on EveHive for many years and so far nobody seems to abuse it, so as long as it will be used decently, there will be no size limit. Even if there will be one day, you are unlikely to hit the limit (~3TB per creator and ~400GB for normal users).
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Visit Yulia's Website

March 13, 2021 by red
Until something is happening here, why not to check our CEO Yulia's own website? Following the practice to eat your own dog food Yulia's website is fully running on DesireHive and is using all of DesireHive features to promote on other social media.
Such website, shop, safe photo and video gallery, member's area is available for all verified members for free. Sales comission is for one year free for all creators who join before end of April 2021. But even after that, it will be just 2%.

Login to YulieArt | View membership options
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Messenger is working

March 10, 2021 by red
Messenger is working already. Still has some issues, but for basic messaging it should work. Please keep in mind that it is shared with EveHive, no messages lost or so as both networks are conected internally.
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Short Q/A

March 7, 2021 by red
What is this website about?
I've had my art and sales gallery since 2015 and in 2017 I’ve created EveHive marketplace and moved features of my old gallery inside.
DesireHive is more or less a functional update to old gallery while sharing membership of EveHive too, just without the irrelevant shopping features and such.
DesireHive is free sales gallery, same as I am using for my website, offered to all amateur and professional creators. Using the website is free and we take 2% commission of all sales made through this site. You can use it as your main home, or add on to your existing website or portfolio.
It is designed to cooperate (not compete) with OnlyFans, Patreon, Instagram & Co. Just be your home with way more features and way safer to not get locked out when advertisers decide that you are not worthy.

Why are here no ads and google spying stuff?
Meaning of the "fair" in our motto is to be fair to you. Means not make marginal profit on your content while you are the one who should profit on it.
EveHive, our main marketplace, is running as non-profit for over 4 years now and even survived its first global pandemic when many others folded. So, we kind of know what we are doing.
While DesireHive will not be non-profit, it will only charge 2% on sales commission, displays no ads and shares no data with someone else. This is the value we calculated as fair and enough to cover fair growth and expenses.
We (YuliApp®) invest lot of time and money to this project to make it grow and do it not only to support our passion for photography and art but also to give you, creators, a stable option where to base your online presence.

How to move content to DesireHive?
If you have an existing portfolio or just USB drive with your content, simply register and contact us. We support all bulk transfer from FTP to sending of memory card or hard drive instead of regular upload.

Where my new customers come from?
DesireHive will be promoting in this public feed all its creators, think of it as public facebook feed with all creators who publish their content for public view. There is also over 400000 members at the moment (growing daily) as membership is shared with our main marketplace EveHive.
Mainly of course you should be promoting your own content, preferably directing them to your own website based on DesireHive. So even if your OnlyFans or Instagram is locked they know where to start looking for you.
There will also be a public creator's directory and search soon.
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