<font style='font-family:CopyrighteonV1'>©</font>EON
DesireHive introduces Copyrighteon™ (©EON). The first intellectual-property-backed cryptocurrency.


<font style='font-family:CopyrighteonV1'>©</font>EON
First value-backed cryptocurrency. First cryptocurrency stable and fast enough to be used as a payment.
With the ever-growing dependency on electronic payment systems (take two major credit card operators for example), it is increasingly difficult to generate income from content which is considered unwanted, erotic or is otherwise controversial. This forces many artists and content providers to use obscure payment systems, which can detract potential customers, often carry heavy margins and, more often than not, record or downright expose personal information of buyers and sellers.
Copyrighteon solves these issues and adds a few interesting innovations on top.


Unlike Bitcoin, which is not backed by gold or any real-world commodity (free market decides the value), ©EON is backed by copyright; intellectual property of art in its digital art gallery (CEAG). Yes, ©EON represents art, and each coin has a value of all of the art divided by the number of issued coins.
Bitcoin is decentralised, while ©EON is controlled by DesireHive, and later by the open community to ensure its future.
©EON also has no splits or subunits. 1 ©EON is the smallest denomination. The value of ©EON only increases as more and more valuable art is purchased, as the lowest payout is exactly 1 ©EON.
©EON is designed to be more stable than Bitcoin and has a built-in mechanism for small but constant value increases, backed by one of the most desired and timeless products since the Ice Age: art. ©EON may be rather pointless for speculation, but perfect for day-to-day use as a digital currency.


<font style='font-family:CopyrighteonV1'>©</font>EON
Easiest to sell and buy cryptocurrency with almost constant and stable value gain.
With ©EON we do not farm or mine new coins. One way to get ©EON is by trading art to the Copyrighteon Art Gallery (CEAG). The value of your art in ©EONs is decided by the DesireHive owners and later by auction in the open community.
Adding a new artwork to CEAG increases the number of available coins, while at the same time increases the value of the CEAG by having more content, which in itself combats inflation.

Selling your art is as easy as sending us preview over contact and ask for valuation. We accept high quality digital art (photography, drawings, video, animations,...).


<font style='font-family:CopyrighteonV1'>©</font>EON
Easiest way to sell online art. And support important project for photographers at the same time.
Before an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), you can buy ©EON for the fixed price of $1 per 1 ©EON. We offer this option to make sure that the people who care the most (content producers and consumers, not crypto speculators) can buy ©EON at the cheapest rate.
Before ICO there is 100,000 ©EON available to buy. The actual amount of coins currently available remains secret before ICO, but if you see the 'Buy' button below then they can be purchased. After ICO the price will not be fixed.

Buy with credit card, ApplePay, GPay
• PayPal
Any other method, including SEPA, Western Union and cash.


The sexiest cryptocurrency? Every ©EON coin is worth millions of pixels of more than 1000 real digital artworks producing real money every month.
Before ICO, ©EON is backed by 10,000 artworks and videos in the CEAG. This art is donated by DesireHive's owners. DesireHive's share of the gallery has generated, on average, approximately $3000 per month in 2021. These numbers are the deciding factor in determining the value of the ©EON before ICO, which is at 1 ©EON to 1 USD.
We deliberately undervalued the art in the CEAG (at $10 per full licensed/copyrighted artwork or video) to ensure the value of ©EON only goes up after ICO.
Login to view the trading table.


We buy back any ©EON for 98% of their value. After ICO, the value will be determined by the free market and is expected to constantly rise at a slow pace, however, you can always sell for 98% of the current value - giving you just a 2% or less third party margin on your digital sales (for comparison, most digital sale sites, like Patreon, OnlyFans, etc take 20-30% on top of the currency exchange PLUS processor fees). The longer you HODL, the less margin you pay. Plain and simple.

Sell ©EON back to us


Trade your art and services worldwide, independently from credit-card processors and high fees.
©EON is designed to be used as a safe and stable cryptocurrency for art and digital content exchange. It can be purchased quickly with any available payment options, and can be sold immediately for 98% of its value with payment made via any available payment option. This way you can set up and pay for your membership or establish your content value in ©EON, instead of for example US Dollars, without worrying too much about the value dropping dramatically.

Remember that using ©EON as a payment does not give us copyright to your art, photos, videos or any other product it is used for. We do not even need to know what you use it for. The art in our gallery is used to back the value (as gold used to back many major world currencies in the past), therefore selling your art to the gallery or not is independent of its use as a currency. You can compare ©EON to dollars and our gallery art to gold: just as gold used to back up the value of the dollar and your product is just like any other product on earth that you can purchase using dollars.

Send or Receive ©EON

Exchanging Copyrighteons is as simple as trading a gift-card with easy to use transaction code. Safe, anonymous and without any commission or fees. Send transfer code to your buyer or seller and that's it!

Send or receive Copyrighteon here.


While ©EON is not primarily intended to be used as an investment, its stability is perfect to protect yourself against inflation. The slow increase in value should however demotivate speculators and still retain value for its original purpose: a currency with which to trade art.
If last 15+ years we have been running the gallery and especially 2020 is any indicator, we expect the value to grow about 1% per year above inflation (~5% at this very moment).


©EON is the first cryptocurrency which generates monthly dividends by itself, just from ownership of the coins. Dividends come from the income of the art gallery.
Before ICO the dividends are 1/300th of ©EON per month per coin. After ICO, it will be the number of artworks divided by 33, then multiplied by the value ratio to the ICO value and adjusted by monthly income from the gallery.
More artworks in the gallery means more people promoting it, which means more profit, which means higher dividends to all coin owners.


Designed and used by artists everyday. Uncensored, safe and 10 times lower fees than anything comparable.
©EON is a safe cryptocurrency, safer than most crypto-coins as it is backed by real-world value, not just by demand. The decentralised nature of Bitcoin might be seen as an advantage in security but this also makes it much more volatile.
©EON is bound to your DesireHive user ID, so selling and buying is free and simple and just as anonymous as an E-Mail address.


As originally intended, in ©EON's case, blockchain is used to meta-stamp the art in its gallery. It means that attackers would have to request to download most of the art gallery, then download it (several terabytes), decrypt it and decode the proprietary data to discover who owns the particular coin. Availability of the archive itself is capped at around 2-4 days as it is stored encrypted on low availability cloud storage with few physical "write-only" backups. Even after all this effort, this would still only reveal who owns that particular coin, and would not change ownership or remove our copyright to the artwork itself.

The transactions themselves are completely private and not held in blockchain. Only the date of the transaction is stored, originating seller and buyer ID is discarded with the session.


Let those who consume your art decide it's value and say no to wrong censorhip and false idols.
Within a few months after ICO, we plan to release ©EON to the community of DesireHive users, making it even safer, more open and ensuring its future stays in the right hands forever.


Starting from 27th September, remaining coins will be offered to the general public and marketed as any other cryptocurrency, just a few days before the controversial OnlyFans content ban was supposed to go into effect.
ICO price will be $1 per coin and is expected to reach about $2 per coin within a year after all coins have been sold, mainly due to the power of its dividends.

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Are you already Bronze or higher tier member of the gallery? Claim 1 free coin here:

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The gallery can be accessed here (membership required).

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More stable than gold? More desired than gold! After air, food and water, desire is the strongest of human needs, most common art subject since ice age. Erotic art will never go down in value.
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