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New way of shopping for art

14.05.2021 02:20:00 (Public) by YuliApp Gallery

While EveHive had a need for full registration and shopping cart, in DesireHive we've went a step further. Artists can use built-in payment system or simply use their own if even industry leading comission of 2% is too much for reduced hassle and effort.

How does it look like? Here is an example of the product which uses built in payment system (personalised for the artist)
YulieArt Membership: @0009

Here is the same product, but navigates to purchase to the merchant's site instead of offering the direct purchase.
YulieArt Website: @0004

Oh yes and we removed the need for registration for all purchases.
šŸ˜ DesireHive™ Fair, Direct Connection Between Creators and their Fans

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