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January Report

01.02.2022 12:30:00 (Public) by YuliApp Gallery
Here we are with the January report.
Overall I am satisfied with the results, as we expected profit to go down after such big spike caused by publications and Xmas times.
Gallery seen some new members and purchases, we had few nice new photo-shoots as well.
OnlyFans rose slightly as well as Patreon which we really didn't expected.

Generally it is nice to see people moving to the gallery as soon as they find us on other social media and platforms and stay longer on either of them after the first month.

As for investors in the coin it self, we added one new artwork, value raised slightly to 1.14, which was also rather unexpected as we planed to stay more flat after the dramatic ICO. Glad to see it goings well and starts it's first full year.
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